Beyond the visible.

Better Experiences

Starting with people, not features, we develop products that integrate themsleves into people’s lives. We aim to find ways that will contribute to a better living.

Living Products

We see products as a life forms that are born, grow up, learn, make friends, improve and contribute to society. We are learning from emergence, game theory and networking theory.

Intelligent Apps

We turn insights and learnings into products that make sense. Thinking in modular structures, we work on platforms and ecosystem ideas, instead of isolated solutions.

Apps For People’s Lives

We don’t build products only because we have a certain technology. Apps we make are born out of a need, often based on learnings from bad user experiences.

The Way Things Work

Apps is often used as a common term for software on mobile devices. But in fact, app stands for application, so anything that was designed to do a certain thing is an app.

Dedicated to design

Our products are designed from the ground up, utilizing Open Source software and applying best practice methods. Our first River product, Steps, is a good example.