Get Us Started With Cate

Get Us Started With Cate

Is email really broken?

It has been said a lot lately: email is broken. On our mobile phone, email feels like a cumbersome, outdated form of communication.

A number of apps have tried to address this. They are making the assumption that email is an overwhelming experience, because we are getting too much of it and most of it is stuff we should be dealing with later. Which is probably true for geeks, technology writers and developers. Mailbox, for an example, lets you postpone or archive emails on the go.

But is a full inbox really the problem for everyone? Is having people manage emails on the go really the best way? And what about disruptions from other channels, like Facebook and Twitter?

We don’t believe that email is broken. It just needs to change. We think there are things to learn from direct messages, like the continued flow of a conversation thread. The ease of use. But the number of apps and channels is growing over our heads: Twitter, Facebook,, Skype, Hangouts, WeChat, Line, MessageMe… People’s messages can get lost in all these different channels.

Too much noise

Then there is the issue of notifications. How many chat apps, from Yahoo to Hangouts, from iMessage to Whatsapp, how many mobile email apps and chat services do you have installed on your phone? How many times do you get notifications from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+? Each app has its own notification setting and you need to adjust them individually to decrease the rate of interruptions.

It’s too much noise. This is where we think we can make a difference. Cate is about the essence of what these apps are supposed to do: letting people talk.

A smarter way

Cate is a new text based communication app that takes the best from direct messages, adds email and turns both into a smart and smooth experience. We use filters to sort out messages, so you don’t have to manage them on the go. These newsletters, receipts and promotion emails are still available in your Gmail. And if you want to, you can deal with them wherever you are. But Cate puts what matters first: the people in your circle and the current conversations you are having with them.


Just People

Diagram Innovations

Messages in context

It is a layer that does not add stuff to your life, it simplifies it. Because Cate is concentrating on the context of where you are and what you are doing.

We will talk more about Cate and explain the more technical details in the next couple of days. If you want to learn more about Cate, what it does and how, our crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo has two videos, a number of diagrams and images. Please check it out and donate, if you feel it is worth to improve the way we use phones for email and direct messaging. We think it is worth trying to change the world.

Please share this link with friends and people you think are interested in Cate. We need your help to get this awesome project started.