Why River?

Why River?

We chose the name River because it resembles something that emerges out of a source. Something great evolves out of something small. It flows and it is feeding life.

Rivers have always been ideal for human settlements. They provided resources, life, trade, travel and strategic benefits. Some of the most important cities today are built along or around spots on rivers. Rivers stretch over many countries, they can go over or under the land, cross borders of states and countries and they change their width, force and influence depending on the changing environment.

What does River do?

Theoretically it could be anything that improves people’s lives, that is disrupting a market or field, but integrating in people’s lives, naturally interconnecting with their needs.

River is currently focussing on app development, mainly in the fields of mobile and Web development. There are several ideas for products and services that help with collaboration, interaction and management. These tools should help individuals as much as organizations (any kind of organization, venture or company).