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We enable people to make connections, discover, learn, collaborate and build something together.

Join Logo

Join is a new service idea that pushes into a new dimension. Join is currently in early development, working out the details. We are in stealth mode, but we hope we can share more information soon.

Cate Logo

Cate is a new communications platform that combines email with messaging services, with an innovative user interface, designed for quick processing on the go. Cate is in early development.

A product design philosophy that evolves around people.

Apps For People’s Lives

We don’t build products only because we have a certain technology. Apps we make are born out of a need, often based on learnings from bad user experiences.

The Way Things Work

Apps is often used as a common term for software on mobile devices. But in fact, app stands for application, so anything that was designed to do a certain thing is an app.

Dedicated to design

Great design is at the core of evertything we do. We don’t only think about how something looks or feels, we think about how it works by design, based on user expectations.